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We are an innovative and adventurous team who fully jumps in on every project with diligent focus and precision to create extraordinary, unforgettable merchandise for our customers.

Top artists, producers, and industry executives think of Logogram first when they want immediate results of incomparable quality and value. This is because we believe in our clients, their products, and their satisfaction.

The Logogram team spans continents with top creatives employed across the U.S., China, Thailand and more. We love what we do, and we express that through our work by making your aspirations a profitable reality.

Turnkey Merchandising Solutions

  • Champions of Quality

    The close-knit team here at Logogram specializes in supplying creative bulk custom merchandise to popular artists worldwide. With a passion for collaboration and a commitment to excellence, we thrive on working closely with our clients to craft unforgettable merchandise of exceptional quality at a competitive price point. We ensure every project is executed with precision, delivering results that leave a lasting impression.

  • Decades of Experience

    During our nearly forty years of experience in the custom merchandise space, we have consistently met our client's most ambitious and challenging project goals. That is why top artists, creators, and industry executives turn to us when they need creative merchandise made to exacting standards. We believe in honoring relationships, collaboratively designing products, and maximizing our customers' profits. Our record speaks for itself.

  • Global Team

    We employ industry experts and creative design staff in the U.S. to handle client relationships and logistics, and work with dedicated in-house team members based in China and Thailand to offer a broad range of sourcing and production options. Our expanded network of suppliers in Bangladesh and Guatemala also allows us to offer competitively priced custom textiles.

Save over 20% on specialty categories such as tote bags, tapestries, VIP Box sets, and LED products.

We handle everything from design to logistics.

Unique item categories to help you add something new to your merch line.

We can help you to increase your overall merch income stream.We can assist with coming up with price points in best selling categories that we have over a decade of experience cr

Enhance your brand's impact with superior merchandise

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